In the most simple and direct terms:

I'm a clarinet&saxophone instrumentalist&educator, composer, world-traditional music festival curator and folk dancer. I got graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory, born in Ankara  - currently living in Graz.

I took part in different projects with various artists in Europe and the Middle-East. My stage life began in the age of seven with a folk dance company which brought me to the competitions that made winning awards from Turkish and Europan folk dances. We travelled from Turkey through Balkan countries to Europe while participating colorful music&dancefestivals there. At that time I focused more and more to musicians, as a kid I was pretty sure - that's what I want to do. There was a breaking point of my life consisting of applying to I.T.U.'s Turkish Music State Conservatory. 

My professional working life started in the companies such as "Shaman Dance Theatre" , "Hodjapasha Culture Center" and followed with many other theatre - musical projects. After being an assistent of Clarinet Lecturer; Ercan Yalazan, I worked as a clarinet teacher in Taksim Art School for four years.


My genuine curiosity of the western world while living there brought me to Europe. From Paris to Vienna and Graz i met wonderful people including musicians, created and worked with powerful Ensembles that enriched my abilities far beyond my expectations.

To make the long story short: Today I try to combine the evocative and enticing melodies of my Anatolian heritage - followed by my family's- and upland Istanbul's musical traditions with the jazz sensibilities of the west.

Gökhan Arslan